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            Support and continuous support is quite a popular service, because for the site, it is imperative to follow. Ask why? After all, he is already functioning and brings consumers? Everything is explained simply.

            The company, which has already developed a website, must necessarily behind him, so to speak, to "watch." Support typically includes a set of standard procedures: update news about promotions, discounts, sales, refreshing designs, images, albums, content, creating new pages and deleting obsolete etc. To avoid confusion and so-called "debris" of the site, it is recommended that was engaged in a separate specialist, then everything will work properly and correctly. And usually such a specialist performs an organization dedicated to the creation of websites, and even better - the creation of your site.

            When it comes to large sites, online stores and catalogs, support site engaged a group of specialized people in the field. Thus, there is the provision of feedback. The cost of maintaining the site depends on how many pages and how site includes frequently updated content. In any case, the cost of services the agency will be significantly lower than hiring an independent group of workers.

            WolfexStudio offers for your website:

            -assistance in the preparation and selection of content for the website;

            -providing information about fresh news in the Internet technologies;

            -timely updating of the site;

            -control over the observance of the rules of behavior of users who registered on the site.

            In addition, a number of additional services, which together provide complete control on the site. We'll look after your resources!


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Support sites