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3 ways to promote semantic core: mid promotions

Perfect promotion strategy - the one for which are taken by professionals. Often, however, the site owners are resolved to take up self-promotion. Although this requires certain skills, experience and knowledge. Let's look at one of the methods of promotion and decide how much it is right for your site.

Midrange promotion. Previously considered high-promotion is different from the method. As part of this strategy, using a large number of mid-range queries. Thus, their amount may be about 100 units or more. But you should not be scared once - it is quite adequate numbers.
For this strategy attractive couple of advantages that make this strategy effective and relevant. Pros:
• Competition. Among those who use the mid-requests is much lower than when using high. And move on it will be much easier, therefore, faster.
• Timing. The result of such a strategy can be assessed in a couple of months, in contrast to the previous period of 3-6 months.
• Relevance. Since the formulation of more specific queries composed semantic kernel intensively focused on the sale, therefore, the conversion will be higher.
• Risks. If you have technical errors and failures of the index may fall just a few words. And this does not lead to a significant or drastic reduction in attendance.
Pros look very attractive, although there is one significant drawback:
• Compared with the needs of a high frequency, in this case, expect an intense influx of visitors to a site is not appropriate, because the queries themselves significantly lower frequency.
Recommendation: Strategy with a similar frequency of queries is great for the company, which operates for a long time on the market and firmly mastered its segment. At the same time it boasts accumulated credibility with search engines, they have enough quality and interesting content, and the orientation is carried out only on a specific buyer.