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3 ways to promote semantic core: high-promotion

Ideally, the promotion of sites is carried out by professionals. Practice does show that a strategy best left to professionals good company. Nevertheless, if you will promote the site on their own or by the craftsmen, to monitor the progress you have all the same, and for this you need some knowledge and experience. To facilitate this task a bit, be sure to learn a few ways to promote their main advantages, disadvantages.

 Promotion of high-frequency. The essence of this method lies in the fact that you choose a couple of high-frequency queries, and to promote the site exclusively for them. This is the most popular strategy, especially among novice optimizers. Yes, and it looks very effective and attractive for most of the customers, promoting your business online.


• You can draw a huge number of potential customers to the site due to the popularity of a query in the search engines.


• This method is one of the longest, its results can be seen only after 3-6 months. And it depends on the scope of business, so the timing may be more.

• In addition, high-demand competition is the highest, so the break settled the coveted TOP hardest.

• At the same time there are certain risks: changing algorithms, resulting in a loss of rank, or a failure of one of the queries can dramatically affect the level of attendance.

• Conversion. High-frequency queries - they are common requests. Only them can not understand what exactly customer wants: read the article, find the abstract or buy something from the online store. The result is a large number of faults, respectively, conversion rates will be low.

As a recommendation, it is noteworthy that there are some industries in which each request can be considered when promoting high-frequency. This strategy is very effective for the already experienced, "adult" sites, which have a certain position in the issuance of mid-range and low demands.