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Review of the main management systems

Nowadays, more and more people are resorting to the service creating sites: portfolio, personal blog, an online store, and others. Course, not everyone is interested in building site, layout procedures bases or programming language. This task is easier with using CMS - content management system. They have a simple, functional and user friendly interface that allows you to edit and modify the site without having to open its code. So, you should find out which of the available systems are more comfortable and functional.


1 Wordpress / WordPress

The system is very popular among users, especially beginners, it is thus well Russified, installs easily (about 5 minutes). To fill the content does not need any additional skills and knowledge. WordPress allows you to create totally different types of sites. However, when talking about WordPress, always primarily refers to the engine best suited for blogs. Therefore, if you want to quickly and easily create a personal blog or a general information site for those tasks perfect WordPress.

Typical minus inherent in virtually all popular CMS, - possible failures, if there is high traffic, as well as the periodic presence of some vulnerabilities in the script. Moreover, this system is not very suitable for demanding sites that have a high functionality, such as a portal or an online store, as it simply not required for this module.

2 Joomla / Joomla!

Its development a bit more complicated, but it is a big and scope. Installation will require some effort, though, if quickly understand the structure of the elements, the process immediately simplified. For this CMS has developed various modules, including chat rooms, forums, online shops and blogs. With Joomla are both simple and highly complex sites, so the system is considered to be quite universal. Furthermore, this system is designed for a huge number of patterns. Although without the drawbacks do not: there are some vulnerabilities in the code, so the system needs to be updated from time to time.

3 1C-Bitrix.

Before installing the system, you should think carefully about the choice of hosting. If it is assumed that the site will be placed a large directory, you will need a fairly powerful tariff for hosting. Only in this case, the system will work well. This way the only difficulty during installation. An important advantage - versatility. Developers are encouraged to not only the packet assembly, but also ready-made solutions. During the installation, you can choose a ready-made website with customized forms. A definite plus - it is also a high security, reliability, and regularly updated. This system also has a distinctive content management, which should only get used to.

Among the disadvantages - price. She is really rather big, but it is justified by the fact that the system is very powerful. While that power has been fully utilized, most likely will need a programmer, trained specifically for Bitrix. That is, this system is suitable for those who are willing to spend money to get the website template with all settings and operating forms, or for those who planned to do a serious project.