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Strategy to promote your site or pure marketing?

Traditionally, the promotion of any resource is based on a certain number of basic rules. Among which is considered the main content of the site.


And not just any content of the texts, and only high quality and unique articles link building site. For these parameters correspond directly to both internal and external optimizers. And with all this high-quality content is not just a correctly made an article for the user, and excellent structured text, which will be suitable for promotion, that is for the search engines. Specialist in turn must properly set the "title" and other important tags for this promotion.

With each improvement, or a change in the algorithm of the search engine, naturally complicates the work of the SEO specialist and to promote the site. Since the robots are much more closely analyze the content of the site and "choose" only the best for users. By passing this should not take time breakwater site design, which certainly should not just to please the users but also to give them a lot of impressions, which they will give to their friends. It is important to present contacts on the main page.

As a result, it is filling a resource website functionality and emotional design now come to the forefront when creating the site. Now a lot more web-masters take the time to develop the various navigational instruments, filling the site with information about each product. As a result, it appears that seo-expert must not only optimize any information provided, but also possess a number of knowledge in the field of marketing. After all, exactly the kind of knowledge to assist engineers from Wolfex Studio.