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Why the correctness SEO-articles for promotion is important?

          SEO - article - a kind of texts that are optimized for search engines. As a general rule for writing such texts used methods:

           - Please write themed text and then paste in the keywords;

           - Insert keywords as writing.

           And of course it should be noted that the fee in any case can not be copied already used materials, but they are really a lot, and so the search engines this is followed. These actions are, firstly - illegal, and secondly they do not bring any positive results. And most likely start blocking search engine site with no unique content and then high positions in the ranking is not exactly reach.

           Before you start writing articles of this kind, it is desirable at least in part, but read the statistics from search engines tend Yandex, Google. And among that "heap" requests that will be presented to you should select the ones which moves material. Perhaps you already know, but it's worth repeating that the best option can be regarded as the ratio of "one key request = one article."

           By passing this, the texts for the promotion of sites that have been written on one particular topic, for any search engine will be significantly more weight, which is not the papers with multiple search queries. It is important to understand that with a larger number of key phrases that would occur in an article increases and thus complicated promotion price of each text. If your chosen request a highly competitive, it is quite possible that one article you do not get off, have to be patient.