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How to make the site work for you?

          Today, many people believe that only by creating a website and posting it online, they get instant results from his work. All a bit wrong, for what would become a resource to make a profit is not necessary to adhere to certain rules.

           Need to regularly fill a site with new articles news in general with fresh content. Since the site with a small percentage of text content (with or without his regular filling in the future) is not likely to become highly visited without the presence of already well-known brand outside the internet. If you do not join the ranks of resource pages with new items it will be perceived by search engines as a kind of "dead space" on which both he and users should not fall. It is for this reason preferably at least 4-5 times per week to add unique texts.

           In an ideal scenario, each page must contain a resource of at least 1.5 - 2000 characters unique text, otherwise it is perceived by search engines as a useless page to the user. This rule is especially important for the home page. It happens that the site owners do not have time for this kind of action, in this case one can book promotions or services of a copywriter in a web studio.