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           Sitecard - is your business card on the internet. Usually, it contains brief information about the owner of an Internet resource. Conventionally, there are three types of owners.

           First - this blogger has a personal website as an online diary, which is periodically updated by the records of any events or presents his observations. In this chronology of records presented in reverse order (recent posts are published on the home page). It is assumed that any records can be commented by users, backed up by discussions.

           Site-card with services. This site consists of 5 pages, including the page with information about the company, with the contacts, page, where publishes news about the company, and, of course, the page with the description of services provided.

           Site-card manufacturer. Such sites are not much different from site services. It also contains a page with news, company information and contacts. However, there are some differences: this site has online catalog, presented in the form of gallery from photos. Thus, all users can see the goods producing this company.

           Since business card site is the face of the company on it, users will judge the company itself. And the first impression should be worthy, so the site must be in accordance with the corporate style of the company. In WolfexStudio sitecard is always made ​​succinctly, it looks easy, so to have a visual perception.




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