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            In the virtual world online catalog - a new concept. To begin with, let us recall the traditional concept of the directory as catalog company. In fact, online catalog looks like online shop only with the difference that in the catalog there is no button "buy" or "order". Furthermore, the price development of Internet directory is almost equal the cost of creating online store. Accordingly, the preferred and most often bought appears the store.

            In the modern sense, online catalog does not apply to online store or a sitecard. Often there is a need to send customers a presentation file with the goods offered by your company. Also, it often happens that when sending a file is too big to use his e-mail, so every time it requires conversion. To solve such problems it is used online catalog.

           Listings are placed on the network and need to attach to the main company website. Compared with the company's website, catalog does not provide any additional information about the company, in addition to products. At the same time, it can be presented in the form of photo galleries and photos are with adjacent product descriptions on the image. Directory on the network can also include a large number of video presentations and photo albums. And, of course, the catalog should have a button that provides a transition to the main site that contains contact details and information about the company.




Online catalog


Online store